Guangzhou, or Canton as it is commonly known as, is the busiest transport and trade hub in China, and with its close proximity to Hong Kong, Guangzhou is one of the most well connected cities in China.

Guangzhou is extremely prosperous in commerce, tourism, real estate, finance and fine dining. For the tourist, the city gains much attraction through its famous sights such as the Five Ram Statue in Yuexiu Park, White Cloud Mountain and the Pearl River.

Business people by the hundreds of thousands attend the Canton Trade Fair each year and also spend some time exploring the sights.

Canton Trade Fair of 2018 – China Import Export Fair

Canton Fair is the largest trade fair in the world. The Canton Trade Fair is by far the most effective way to develop all the business relationships that you need to succeed in China.

The fair features basically every type of industrial product from electronics to automobiles, consumer items and gifts, clothing, medicines and recreational products.

Who Should Attend?

The Canton Trade Fair is ideal for people wanting to import, or current importers we are wanting to see what new items China has to offer.

Guangzhou Weather

The popular Canton Trade Fair is held in April and October of each year. During April, the weather is often damp and rainy with quite cool evenings. October sees a more welcoming warm and sunny climate.

How Trade Fair Tours Can Help Prepare For Your Next Business Trip to Guangzhou

We would like to make your stay and journey to and from Guangzhou as comfortable as possible, which is why we are pleased to offer you a wide range of international travel planning services in addition to accommodation and leisure activities.

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